Working Class Hero/Couch Potato

Its been a while since I wrote about potatoes.I hate to think this is because of my inability to finish most things I start – unless there are compelling fictions like deadlines created by other people to ensure that I finish them. But of late, these deadlines have kept me too busy with things that I don’t care about, leaving me too tired to spend any … Continue reading Working Class Hero/Couch Potato

Of Samosas, Eternity and and Consent

Potatoes are about comfort and certainty. Despite their not being native to India, they’ve become so integral to our culinary culture that we’re sure of that they’re here to stay. We rely on potatoes, and we count on them. And so, it was fairly natural for a political campaign to ride on the well-founded goodwill of potatoes to make claim’s about a candidate’s dependability. “Jab tak rahega samose … Continue reading Of Samosas, Eternity and and Consent