Of Samosas, Eternity and and Consent

Potatoes are about comfort and certainty. Despite their not being native to India, they’ve become so integral to our culinary culture that we’re sure of that they’re here to stay. We rely on potatoes, and we count on them. And so, it was fairly natural for a political campaign to ride on the well-founded goodwill of potatoes to make claim’s about a candidate’s dependability.
download“Jab tak rahega samose mein aalu” appears to be a earnest description of what eternity might be. Which is fine, as long as you’re okay to continue being part of a relentless arrangement. But you usually aren’t.

Its usually silly, and often cruel to make promises of eternal love. At best, you risk binding all future versions of yourself by promises that may later become suffocating. In grimmer situations, vehement oaths to be around forever, may become the locks of an abusive relationship. Comfort and certainty may not always be that appealing.

On that note, here’s Akshay Kumar telling Juhi Chawla that he’s going to be hers forever. I guess its okay this time, since she’s promising to be stick to him forever as well. (The part where he insists on bargaining away her ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ is definitely NOT okay)


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